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The board-certified pediatricians at Grossmont Pediatrics are willing and able to provide the personalized care that your children need from infancy through the teenage years. From autism, ADHD, asthma, and allergies to sports injuries and adolescent health concerns, we’re here for your family.

What We Offer

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ADHD and other conditions can affect your child’s school performance. Early detection and treatment are crucial.

Autism and other development conditions need to be diagnosed and cared for early, so you and your child can adapt.

Teens have their own unique medical concerns. Let us help your adolescents to thrive as they develop into adulthood.

If every sniffle causes your heart to beat faster, know that we’ve all been there and we’re here to help.

Diagnosis is the first step to finding effective treatment and getting childhood asthma and allergies under control.

Not sure if your pediatric doctor got the diagnosis right? Let us either confirm or prvoide another option.

We offer both of these precision surgical procedures to provide early care for your precious infant.  


Children play hard, and that can sometimes lead to accidental injuries. We can help your little superstar recover quickly.

We Accept Insurance

We accept most major and regional PPO & HMO plans and also accept Medi-Cal, Indemnity Plans, Automobile Coverage, Travel Plans, Self-Pay, and Payment Plans. Please call to inquire further.


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