Polio Cases USA

Polio like mystery disease [AFM] has been confirmed in 72 known US children

Another 119 cases are being investigated. AFM seems to concentrate in younger children around the pre-school and early school ages [4 – 6 years].

What is polio-like illness, you ask? It is NOT polio.

So, polio-like symptoms are sudden weakness in the limbs [arms, legs], droopy face, difficulty swallowing or speaking. No one has mentioned fever yet.

One survivor of the illness when she was 6 is without symptoms and back to usual activities. A second survivor was treated successfully with immunoglobulins at the Gillette Hospital in St. Paul, MN.

Usual precautions should include good hand-washing, getting all your childhood shots, using insect-repellants to protect against bites are your best defenses against this rare but worrisome illness.

If you suspect that your child may have AFM symptoms, head to your child’s doctor or the ER after hours.

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