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Ah! The Dreaded Flu virus is visiting again

It’s a virus that causes cough, a stuffy and/or a runny nose, usually a high fever, and starts showing up as soon as summer is over.

The seasonal flu bug is very different from the stomach flu, which causes vomiting and diarrhea.With the seasonal flu, fever can spike to 103 & 104 degrees, produce congestion and breathing symptoms – sometimes lasting for a week or longer. Most kids with the flu feel miserable and look it!

The flu is far from being just a little runny nose and cough. It is dangerous when a secondary complication is present. Children younger than 5 (and especially 2 and younger) and those with chronic conditions like asthma – are at higher risk of developing flu-related complications

How do I prevent my child from getting the flu? 

Avoid close contact with sick classmates, friends and family members. Wash your hands often with soap and water. Use an alcohol based hand rub if you are unable to wash your hands.


Contrary to belief, you CANNOT get sick from the flu shot. It just takes two weeks for a body to build immunity to the flu bug, so if you are exposed to the flu during those 2 weeks, you could get sick!

My kid is always healthy and never gets sick. Why should I give my child the flu vaccine? 

Sadly, each year a few healthy kids die from complications of the flu. A recent government study showed that getting the flu shot reduces the risk of flu-associated deaths by 50% among children with an underlying high-risk medical conditions and by nearly two-thirds among healthy children.

Your child’s doctor is holding flu clinic hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the latest quadri-valent (4 common strains), preservative-free version of the flu shot – improving the chances that your child stays flu-free this season.

Stay Healthy – Providers and Staff at Grossmont Pediatrics.

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